Why loving yourself is so hard

We all know deep down that all of the work we put into dieting and excessive exercise is so unnecessary. We know we should just love ourselves for who we are but we are still always trying to change, to get better, to be good enough. Why?

I think the biggest reason is media. The other day I was watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and something really crazy happened. All the models were walking down the runway and about half way into the show they started to look... normal, and then Ellie Goulding came out beside them and she looked... very short and quite plump. It was insane!! Ellie is a gorgeous woman and I knew it was only because I saw her come in after 30 minutes of looking at a parade of Supermodels. When you see these abnormally thin women ALL the time in the media you start to see everyday people as quite heavy and needing to change to be like the 'norm' in all of these ads. 

This is just a reminder that what we see in the media is not real and it messes with our perception of what normal is. Please remember this the next time you feel down about yourself after looking at a magazine or even going to the mall. Is it just me or are mannequins freakishly tiny?

YOU are normal because you are alive and living a real life. Whatever shape or size you are, you are perfect!!

Love, Jenna