Victoria's Secret's "Amazing" Body Positivity Move

I recently stumbled upon an article on Facebook that said, "Victoria's Secret Is Getting Major Props for This Unretouched Photo". Wow, I was kind of stunned. Even Victoria's Secret was getting on the body positive train? We all know that VS is known for having "perfect" models walking down the runway of the Victoria's Secret Lingerie Show every year and for them to be switching things up is HUGE!

I remember watching the VS Fashion Show in my dieting years and longing to look like them with their extremely thin bodies, long luscious hair (extensions) and perfect makeup. This was my idea of what beautiful was for way too many years so when I heard that VS was making a body positive move I was really excited, it really felt like the world was changing in a tangible way. 

So I opened up the article that I found and I was ready for something big. 

The model they are talking about is 24 year old Jasmine Tookes. 

Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes


This was the model that VS shared a body positive photo of? I immediately knew this wasn't going to be the life changing event I thought it could have been.

There was an unedited photo that VS released of Jasmine with stretch marks and this is what everyone was talking about.

This is the unedited photo.

This is the unedited photo.

So I was looking through all the pictures in the article and I had no idea what people were talking about, this was the "flawed" photo? Where?? I see nothing, so I zoomed in closer.

Do you see her stretch marks? Yeah, I hardly do either. 

However the world seems to think this is a MAJOR thing that deserves a lot of attention. Brit + Co. says that this photo made her a fan favourite and so many people have Tweeted they are so impressed that she is a "real girl" on the VS runway.

I am boggled.

How is THIS body positive? She is stunning and the exact definition of acceptable western beauty. I really hope that most people do not see this as a step forward because if it is then this is going to be the slowest moving journey of all time. I want to get to a body positive place in the media and society soon so that my future children think that dieting and thinness is so old fashioned and not relevant to them at all. In order to get there we are going to need to be a lot more forward thinking than this.