Getting Ready for a Vacation: Dieting vs Body Freedom

Tomorrow I am off to Hawaii on my honeymoon. The last couple weeks have really got me thinking about what life was like when I was a dieter. I remember a few holidays in particular where the couple months leading up to them I was a wild woman, buying what I needed, prepping and planning, dreaming and wondering where my body would be at when the day arrived.

I would get excited about my new bikini because I would see it on that body that I was going to get before we left on the trip. 

Nothing was as it should have been. A vacation is for relaxation and letting loose but for me it was a time of stress, pressure and the desire of perfection. I would be preparing for lift off for at LEAST 2 months in advance, this included a new extreme workout routine, a meal plan, facials, pedis, manis, the works!

Things have changed a lot since those days and I would like to show you how a vacation can evolve from a stressful endeavour to a time of freedom and joy just by changing my relationship with food and my body.

People often think food is just food, if you diet or if you don't all that changes is the way you eat. This isn't at all accurate, it truly changes the way you live.

When you change your relationship with food you innately change your relationship with your body, your mind and your soul. When you realize that dieting isn't working for your body or your life (and you will) and you become an intuitive eater EVERY life experience changes.

Getting ready for a trip while dieting:

+ 2 months prior start a new diet, buy the diet book, get the meal plan printed out, make a grocery list, get the groceries, meal prep for three hours every Sunday

+ Eat your prescribed meals each day (can anyone say HUNGRY??)

+ Get a spray tan a few days before you leave

+ Shop for the perfect bathing suit that is going to flatter the right areas and hide other areas

+ Weigh yourself daily to see if that diet is working

+ Start stressing the week before you leave because that number isn't moving like you'd hoped it would

+ Restrict your food intake even more a little bit before you leave for your trip

If this doesn't sound so bad to you think of the ramifications:

+ You'll likely binge eat during your trip, you'll be preoccupied with food during your trip and NOT living in the moment

+ Your metabolism is likely lowered so the food that you do consume on the vacation will be stored because your poor body is starving for nutrients and it's not sure if you'll be in a famine state again in the near future

Getting ready for a trip as an intuitive eater:

+ do things exactly the same as you did yesterday

+ Fly to destination

+ Smile and enjoy this awesome new location!

Living like this will bring you:

+ Peace

+ Health

+ Sanity!!

Ready to stop the madness and ditch the diet once and for all?

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