Top 10 Anti-Diet and Body Positive Bloggers

Diet culture is running rampant. From the flack Lady Gaga is getting over her body during the Super Bowl Half time show to hearing someone talk about needing to lose weight wherever you go. It is so nice when you can find a community of women and men that are getting out of the dieting mindset and sharing some more positive messages!

Check out these ten inspirational and much needed body positive and anti-diet bloggers:

1.  Wear Your Label

This amazing company was created by the wonderful Kayley Reed. While battling an eating disorder and depression she realized there was a lot of stigma around mental illness and she wanted to change this so Wear Your Label was born.

Be sure to read her blog and meet many role models that she has shared. Also, get the "Your Body is Not The Enemy" shirt. It's pretty much amazing, mine will be arriving any day now!


2. Casey Berglund

Casey is an anti-diet dietitian and has been doing a lot of media lately around taking down diet culture and body hate. The other day she even did a live meditation on the news, this girl is seriously inspirational. 

Learn more about her and her upcoming trip across Canada where she will be teaching her Yoga for mindful eating and living program


3.  Lauren McAulay

This amazing woman has been through 10 years of eating disorders, disordered eating and is now one of the greatest body love coaches I have seen out there.

She helps escape the soul sucking eating disorder/ disordered eating world. Her work with The Body Love Tribe is super powerful so if you're looking for some extra support in your journey check her out. 

4. Victoria Welsby 

Victoria helps women exude confidence, magnetism and power while saying true to themselves. She teaches women to stand up and stand out for their genius and make the impact they are meant to make, and the world deserves to see. 

She means business and is also one of the funniest women I've chatted with so you aren't going to want to miss out!

5. Geneen Roth


Geneen helps women end their battle with food and author of the amazing book When Food is Love (and many more).

Check her out if you are looking to make peace with your body once and for all.

6.  Madeline Jones

Maddy is the creator and wonderful woman behind Plus Model Magazine. This publication shares fashion, lifestyle and more for plus size women. 

Check out her amazing style and insights like now!

7. Ivy Felicia

Ivy is The Body Relationship Coach! This vibrant woman is a wellness coach who is helping women of all shapes and sizes embrace their bodies!

Check her out if you're looking for a ton of body love inspiration!

8. Jamie Mendell

Jamie is a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is also certified in the Transformational Coaching Method. Her personal journey started when she thought she had a "food problem", she struggled with weight fluctuations, binge eating and constantly searching for that next diet. (Sound familiar?).

Check her out for some great insights. Her post about self care is kind of amazing.

9. Jes Baker

Jes is a blogger, speaker, author, mental health professional, cat lover, and unabashed fat chick. She is a self-love, and mental health advocate and the author of Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

You do not want to miss out on what this woman has to say. Check her out like now!

10. Taryn Brumfitt


You probably know Taryn from her documentary Embrace. If you haven't seen it, get on that! Her blog is also a place for inspiration and pure JOY!

Looking for even more body love inspiration?