The "S" Word

This seemingly harmless common word in the English language haunts most of us everyday and we don't even realize it. It has a power over your daily activities, your thoughts about yourself and even your health.


This horrible 's' word is "should".


I should really go to the gym. I should eat a salad instead of this sandwich. I should be on a diet. I should eat five small meals a day that are low carb, high protein, sugar and gluten free!


It is insane what we think we SHOULD be doing everyday, especially when it comes to our health. 

I was at a meeting where people were discussing what they should be doing to better their lives but aren't doing. The majority of people said, "I should exercise more". Some even said that they WANT to workout more. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but you have to ask yourself WHY you should. Because society expects you to be a certain size? Because of guilt or shame? Because you are comparing yourself to your "fittest" friend? This is where things become problematic.  Of course we should all be physically active  but it doesn't have to look the same for everyone (i.e.: Lifting weights at the gym). 


So why weren't these people exercising when they wanted to? Why aren't they reaching the goals they set for themselves? You might be familiar with this, setting one weight loss goal after another and never reaching them. Why don't we reach these goals but seem to be able to reach others? This is because of our motivations. If we are doing something because we should it won't end well. This is the same if you think weight loss is the answer to problems other than the size of your jeans.


Next time you think you should do anything, first think why. If it is for your physical health, mental health or to help others, go for it! If it's society's standards, others' expectations or guilt, please just let it go!


PS- This is a photo from Before attaining a healthy body image I would have never allowed myself to be photographed when I wasn't in the best shape I could be in because I SHOULD be as thin as possible. WHY? Outside forces that have no business controlling the way I live my life. 


Love, Jenna