The Dieting Industry: Modern Female Oppression

The dieting industry might be running on the most ingenious business plan ever produced; assuming your business doesn't actually want to help anybody.

The dieting industry sells a product that doesn't work. At first this sounds counter productive, how can this be good for business? Won't people catch on that it doesn't work?

The answer is YES, we do know that diets don't work. (If you are thinking that diets do work then why have you been on more than one. If diets worked one would be all you needed, right?) We know diets don't work but we still buy them. What the heck!? 

The reason we keep coming back for more is because the dieting industry has told us that restricting our calorie intake is the only way to maintain a healthy weight. How smart is this? Sell a product that doesn't work but convince people it is the only way to solve their problem no matter how many times they need to repeat the process.

A one time buyer is a lifetime buyer in this industry. If diets worked than the industry would go out of business right away.

Imagine if women started loving themselves as they are right now. Do you know how many companies would go out of business? We wouldn't need to buy things like makeup, hair products, diets, exercise equipment, or so many clothes. Yes these things can all be enjoyable but we are getting obsessive. We think we NEED these products to be complete but we are perfect right now!!

This mammoth industry is the modern day women's suffrage. We should be fighting against the dieting industry but instead we have been consumed by it.

We live in a diet culture the same way we live in a rape culture. In our society discussions of what women are wearing, women's weight and the look of women's bodies are so apparent it's frightening. Go check out your Facebook account and look at what women are talking about, we are criticizing our own bodies and the bodies of others, we are talking about and sharing the best way to lose those last 5 lbs, and we are plastering "fitspiration" everywhere we can. We are talking about ourselves and each other in a way that is so degrading. The most important thing you have to offer is NOT your body. In all frankness, your looks are the least interesting this about you.

Now, while we are all so busy preoccupying ourselves with how to look perfect our lives are passing us by! Do you put as much energy into shaping the world as you do on changing your shape? This small minded, dieting obsession is keeping us small. Women are being held back by the dieting industry and we need to break free.

Want to break free? Learn how to start getting out of the dieting mindset right now!