Shopping and Dieting - Distractions in a Life with Little Meaning

Last night I watched the Netflix documentary Minimalism. I am familiar with minimalism which is “a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity”.

Many people have used this technique and turned it into a lifestyle. For some it means living in a tiny home and for others it just means not buying more crap they don’t need.

The motivation for this movement came from the discontent of so many working towards a life that they were told they should want; one full of nice homes, fancy cars, the latest fashions and all the other trappings of the “American Dream”. I mean what’s the point of working your ass off to buy a gigantic house if you spend no time in your house because you’re too busy working to make the mortgage payments. It does seem pretty ridiculous when you really break it down.

The documentary reminded me of this clip from the show Derek:


PS – Everyone should watch the show Derek on Netflix. It will give you some perspective on what’s important in life and what happiness means.

 I digress, while I was watching the documentary I was astounded; if you simply replace the words consumerism, shopping, money and materialism with dieting and weight loss the movie would still be true.

The eternal hunt for things or the perfect body create the same result. We will always be left wanting more; more weight loss, more things, more money. The reason this doesn’t satisfy us is that we don’t truly want these things, we want the feeling that we think these things will bring us. We are looking to solve our inner problems with outer solutions.

 The reason we do this is because it’s easier. It’s easier to fret about how many calories were in that cookie, the number on the scale or if your thighs touch or not.

 It’s harder to ponder what our real purpose is, to think about what life is really about, to mend broken relationships or to learn to forgive and accept ourselves as we are. Now THAT is hard.

I know this because I avoided these difficult topics for an entire decade. I was an extreme dieter and over exerciser. No matter how thin I got it was never enough; I was always left insecure, unhappy and freakin' hungry.


 The good news is we aren’t as hideously superficial as it may sometimes seem. We aren’t really obsessing over having the latest iphone or the perfect body; we just want to be happy and we don’t know how the hell else to achieve it.

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The bad news: a simple item or physical change won’t make you happy.

The good news: you can find happiness and contentment without needing to change a thing about who you are.

 Forget about your body, forget about your things.

 What do you want your life to mean? What do you want to contribute? What is your passion? What is your “purpose”? What would you do if this was your last year on earth?

Finding the answer to these questions will bring a sense of inner peace like no outer change ever could.

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