Self care: What is it and why do I care?

For ten years I took great care of myself. I ate very healthy “foods” and worked out like a mad woman. I was very thin and never ate much sugar or carbs! I was really practicing self care!


This is what I thought anyways until I started my journey towards self love and a higher self esteem. For a long time I thought that skinny equalled healthy. I truly believed that a few extra pounds made a person unwell, or unfit. I now know this is a crazy notion and that is it so far from the truth that it’s almost funny.


If you are looking to lose weight and you start a program where you dislike the day to day process of it, this is not self care. Self care is enjoying living a healthful life day in and day out. Think of self care not just in physical terms; it’s not about losing weight or looking a certain way. It’s about feeling amazing, loving your life NOW and living the healthiest life that you actually enjoy.


This is the sweet spot of self care, a mixture of joy and healthful practices. I know a lot of you are thinking that not everyone can ENJOY living healthfully, sometimes you just have to suck it up and power through that grueling workout or that nasty salad. This is FALSE! I promise and I’ll tell you why right now!




Self care includes your mind, body and soul. Really the point of living healthfully is to feel good and find happiness. If you hate the journey to this “wellness” that you seek than what is the point? No I am not saying you should give up on your health goals, I am saying that there IS a different way to do it and I’m here to show you how.


Firstly, everyone can find a form of physical activity that they like, no not exercise, physical activity. Whether it’s jogging, walking, rock climbing, swimming, circus class, dance, yoga, weight lifting, it doesn’t matter. If you enjoy it you are more likely to do it long term and consistently. This will make you healthier and happier than any 30 day program where you go all out and then you’re unsure of what to do when it’s over so you just stop everything.


I have changed up my physical activity routine lately. I was going to the gym for years but I was losing interest in it and I noticed my workouts getting shorter and shorter. I wasn’t enjoying it, I wasn’t loving the day to day process of living a healthy life, so I switched it up. Right now I have a circus class on Mondays, I do hot yoga and I do my own zero-equipment workout videos at home (which will be available in my next course “Love, Your Body”). This has made a huge difference in my day to day life. I truly look forward to going to yoga and I love the ease and short time I need to do my at home workouts. I am a happier and healthier person for getting out of the gym at this time in my life. Of course, I may go back but for now I am doing what is best for me. What is best for you right now? Is there a place in your healthy living routine that you could make a change?


The next area of self care I want you to explore is the “pampering” part. This includes massage, calm yoga, hot baths, good books and maybe even getting your hair done. These are things that you may not see as “productive” so they are often shunned in our society. No you are not self indulgent if you do these things, you are simply taking care of yourself. Even if you are a mom, a busy career woman or both you CAN make time for these simple things and you may notice they make a HUGE difference in your life. Find happiness and those around you will benefit. Always doing things for everyone else may seem beneficial for all but if you are miserable doing it, it isn’t helping anyone.


This week I want you to think of one way you can make your healthy living routine more enjoyable and one thing you could add to your weekly or monthly routine to take better care of yourself. Take some time for yourself. I give you permission.


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Love, Jenna