Jenna, why do you not wear makeup in your videos?

I record a lot of Live Facebook videos. 

Before I accepted my body for what it was I would NEVER have shown my face in public, never mind on Live video online, without makeup and my hair at least a little bit done.

So why do I now record a lot of my videos looking like I just got out of bed. 

I do this because I am SICK of seeing only perfectly coiffed, manicured, photoshopped, filtered women online and in the media.

I am here to show you what an actual real live person looks like. When I decide to do a video I just do it, I don't prep myself, I don't check to see if my skin needs some makeup. I just say what I need to say exactly as I am.

You deserve to see people in their true form, at least sometimes! Yes, I do my makeup and hair for promotional pictures and photoshoots. I don't have a problem with women trying to look their best, I'm just tired of not seeing ANY women online or in media that look like ME! And I mean the real me, the me that looks in the mirror in the morning, the me that goes to yoga makeup free, the me that relaxes at home au natural!

I am here to show my flaws so YOU can feel more comfortable. Let's all throw ego to the side and show ourselves for who we are (at least once in a while). Let's bring women together, support each other and let one another know how damn kick ass we all are!!

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