Fitness: From a Must Do To A Want To

These days when someone tries to get fit or 'healthy' it is seen as a sacrifice, a treacherous endeavour that is loathed and really just hated! No one likes to diet but it's just a fact of life.



No one needs to diet. Even those who are clinically overweight and need to lose weight for health reasons can find a more enjoyable and maintainable way to reach a healthy weight. This involves loving your body first, just as it is. 

When people get to the place where there are so desperate to lose weight they will pay anything and do anything to achieve it there is no way they can be successful. There is so much pressure on yourself at this point that there is no way it can work. Going to extremes when it comes to weight loss is what causes the all or nothing effect; deprive all week to binge all weekend. Your emotions experience this rollercoaster as well and it can be a very exhausting way to live.

I don't need to diet. Amazing! What can I do then to maintain or improve my health and fitness? LEARN! You must learn what food does FOR you, not TO you. "A minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips" - This saying is down right depressing, it instills guilt and shame into every single thing you eat that you enjoy. Food need never come with negative feelings. When you learn all the amazing things food does for our bodies (HELLO! It's keeping you alive!), you can find peace with food and therefore peace within yourself. 

"BE YOUR OWN NUTRITION EXPERT" is a course that is now for sale that teaches you how to do all this and more:

- quit dieting

- eat healthfully and mindfully

- love your body right away

- learn that all food fits

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