5 Common Intuitive Eating Myths

1. Intuitive Eating is unhealthy

When we are born we are intuitive eaters. Babies never think, "I just cried for food an hour ago, I better wait a couple more hours before I get back on that boob. 'They' say to only eat every few hours."

Children are intuitive and we train them out of it, just like we were trained out of it as kids.

We were taught what was 'good food' and what was 'bad'. We were told that certain things will make us fat and certain things will make us thin (and healthy; because we are also taught that these two things are one and the same).

Do you think that we would be born eating in a way that was unhealthy? Of course not! Our biology is wired to give us the best chance to survive in this world and then we deny that and grow up into the food phobic, guilty creatures that many of us are today...

2. Ditching the diet is just giving up:

Of course it is!

That's like ridiculing someone for giving up on trying to squeeze orange juice from a stone. Giving up on something that doesn't work is common sense, not something to be ashamed of.

95% of people fail on diets and 2/3 people gain more weight than they lost in the first place. If there's anything to give up on in life, this is it!

When you ditch the diet you also give up shame, food guilt, body hate, obsessive thoughts, dissatisfaction, restrict/binge cycle and more!

3. Nutrition is ignored in Intuitive Eating:

Ummm no.

Intuitive Eating considers nutrition, it just doesn't live and die by it.

The French eat a seemingly "less healthy" diet but they have 1/2 the obesity rates of nutrition obsessed America and they have a lot less dieting and eating disorders. 

Eating "perfectly" isn't what is nutrition is about. Often when we focus on nutrition too obsessively it's a weight loss and image thing more than a wellness thing.

Health should include BOTH mental and physical wellness and this is the balance that Intuitive Eating possesses.

4. Intuitive Eating celebrates being fat:

Where the heck did this come from? I hear this a lot. If someone feels good in their body and it happens to be a larger body, that person is encouraging others to be unhealthy. WHAT?

Eating Intuitively means listening to your body and some people's bodies do not want to be rail thin, it is not healthy for that individual to be fighting to stay at a lighter weight.

Listening to your body may mean that your "goal weight" is just not viable anymore. It is society and the media that has made you obsessed with that body anyways.

Intuitive Eating is about taking back your personal power around food and in the skin you're in and that skin can be covering any size or shape and that is A-OK.

(The main reason this is a ridiculous point is because Intuitive Eating and body positivity are quite intertwined. This means that all bodies are good bodies AND that beauty and thinness don't matter in the long run. Let's focus on things beyond the packaging we come in, shall we?)

5. You can't exercise anymore when you become an Intuitive Eater:


Other than preferring to call it 'movement', exercise is an important part of Intuitive Eating. One of the ten pillars is all about moving your body.

The only difference here is that we focus on moving our bodies in sustainable and enjoyable ways.

What?? I don't have to kill myself at the gym to be healthy? Believe it or not, yes. You can actually enjoy living a healthy life, in fact it will be healthier one because of this. 

Pleasure should become a part of your healthy lifestyle in order for it to be truly successful. Dieting and intense workout programs like to make us think that pain = progress, but this is why there is a diet cycle. We work so hard that we have to quit (AKA binge) and then we feel ashamed and start all over again with a schedule even more intense than the one before.

We are digging ourselves into a whole and we don't even know it.

Stop digging and start climbing out today!

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