How to stay healthy on vacay

As I see the sights in Montreal  I realize how much traveling has changed for me since I have adopted this lifestyle. I used to stress and worry about where I would be when I needed to eat. Could I find the right foods? Would I end up eating something "bad" and feel guilty all day?

This strict lifestyle makes traveling and holidays a lot less fun and spontaneity isn't an option. Now that I see that health and happiness will always trump skinny, I can go about my day and make the best choices with what I have to work with. Of course I have indulged more than I would at home but there is zero guilt or worry involved. 

Here are some keys to make sure you enjoy some amazing times on your holidays without feeling like you've over done it: 

1. Eat one meal a day similar to how you would at home. For me this is breakfast, it is pretty easy to buy a few groceries and have some toast and fruit or eggs and veg. The rest of the day is open to enjoy your favourite things. This way you keep a little bit of your routine with you so it is easier to get back into the swing of things once you are back home.

2. Have a fruit or vegetable with every meal that you can. Craving a burger and fries? Awesome! Order half salad and half fries; yes you can do that! That way you get your fries but also a little bit of health in there too! 

3. Stay active. This is usually pretty easy when you're traveling. There is tons to see; walk, rent a bike or hike there! 

 4. Relax! In the end its okay if you can't get enough fruit and vegetables in, get enough physical activity or eat too many french fries. Enjoy your vacation and when you get home let it all go and do your best to get back into your normal routine. A week or two won't change much and ruining your time away from home isn't worth it. 

You are amazing!! 


Love, Jenna