Happy Halloween: For kids and parents alike

Halloween is such a fun time for kids but with some schools starting to have "black and orange" days instead and child obesity on the rise, it is starting to be less joyful and more of a worry. 

Pillow cases full of candy aren't good for anybody but let's have a closer look at what halloween really does to our bodies. Firstly, the week before halloween is full of treats, both at work and at school. Cupcakes, cookies and candy are everywhere at this time of year it seems! So even before the kids go trick or treating we have all consumed more sugar that we normally would. 

Then the big night comes along, the kids get home and dump their haul on the carpet. And of course mom or dad are there picking out their favourites too :). After eating a little too much chocolate everyone heads to bed. Okay, that's not too bad. But the next morning we wake up and there's a huge bowl of candy in your house and seems to linger for months. 

How can we limit the impact of this candy overload!?

 For the kids: 

1. Talk to your kids about choosing their favourite treats. I know it is hard to get children to limit their own sugar intake but instilling discretion in your child is an amazing way to teach a lifelong lesson. What parents often do instead of teaching their kids to only eat what they really love (candy corn is foolish to eat when you don't even like it), we teach that junk food is bad! We instil guilt and negative emotions when it comes to sugar and "unhealthy" food. This can create lifelong struggles with food. Teach choosiness when it comes to treats and celebrate and enjoy their favourite foods with them. 

2. Sort their candy with them. A pile to donate/ give away, a pile for the family's favourites and a pile for the kid's favourites.

3. Relax! This is always an important step when it comes to living healthier. Stressing about the exact amount of sugar your child is eating will only stress you both out more. The forbidden candy will also become that much more tempting for your child. 

For the parents:

1. Don't eat everything that comes into the staff room. If you do start eating something and it's not very good THROW IT AWAY! Don't feel like you need to finish something to be polite. Only eat what you truly enjoy.

2. Own your indulgences. When you do eat something amazing over these couple of weeks really enjoy it and cut all guilt linked to it. You decided to eat it, nobody else had a say in it. 

3. Relax! Of course this is always my advice in every scenario! Give yourself a break, ate a bunch of Suzie's candy? No worries, it doesn't make you a bad person!!



Love, Jenna