Creating an Effective Grocery List

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Do you find it difficult to plan meals, buy the right foods and go through the week with little food waste? This part of eating healthfully is really difficult for a lot of people. 

Food waste is way too common in our society. We waste $31 Billion a year in food going in the trash. Isn't that insane? Half of us throw food in the garbage and half of us can't afford any food at all. What we can do is become more responsible with our consumption. A great way to do this is by planning ahead.

Planning your meals and shopping:

1. From your favourite cookbooks or websites pick 5 meals that you would like to make in the coming week. Try for variety and as many healthy components as possible (vegetables, lean proteins, healthy whole grains etc). You will use these five meals as dinners in the week and you can easily utilize leftovers for lunches the next day. You don't need a prescribed meal plan in order to find a healthy routine, you can take control of it yourself.

2. Create a sectioned list to make things easier at the store, Produce, Grains, Meats, Canned, Cooking Section etc. Go through each recipe and add to your sectioned list the ingredients you will need to buy (you probably will have a lot of basics in your fridge and pantry already). Add any foods you might need for breakfasts and snacks, think of what you might want ahead of time as well in order to prevent waste.

3. By the end of the week all ingredients should have been used and you'll be ready to make a new list for next week. Your fridge should almost be empty by the next time you go shopping, when foods carry over from week to week they often get forgotten and end in the garbage can.

Doing your part in preventing waste while also eating delicious, healthy meals at home is something to be proud of. You are helping the world and your family at the same time.