Cardio vs Weights

This seems to be an age old question. Why haven't we figured out the most efficient way to get fit and healthy and maintain it? One thing I know for sure is many different kinds of workouts and eating plans do "work", with many you will lose weight; it's science! If you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight. The question is, is it maintainable? Can you keep this weight off? Many times the programs are too intensive and rigid so they work only for the short term.

So what works in the long run?? What you enjoy is what will work! If you are a runner and that is the only thing you enjoy doing then that is the best workout plan for you! 

Don't ever do a program you hate because someone says that is the best way. It is not the best way if you can't follow through with it.

However, adding weight training to anyone's program is where you will see the best long term results. This is because when you do cardio you actually burn mostly muscle and when you are done that is it. Once you eat a cookie, or even a smoothie you have gained those calories back. But with weight training or resistance training you build muscle, burn calories for hours afterwards and the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn over all. This means you can eat and not gain weight! This is the key, workout so you can eat more, don't eat less to get the body you want.

If you are eating healthy, whole foods, doing some weight training and of course a little bit of cardio (even walking will do you good!) you will have a beautiful body that is healthy and happy. 

This is for people who just want to let go! Let go of the idea of perfection, of always having to be improving yourself and of all the stress. You really are amazing! Just keep up some healthy habits and you'll notice small changes over time that can make a pretty big impact! If you want to learn more about how to identify habits and learn to change them send me a message to see what we can do together. I have a whole session that tackles how to alter habits effectively!


Love, Jenna