I Set Out To Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet for One Week: Here's what happened.



Recommended foods:



Omega 3s



Olive Oil








High Fiber

Low Saturated Fat

Low Fat Dairy



  1. At least 25 grams of fibre per day

  2. Min of 9 fruit and veg per day

  3. 4 servings of alliums (garlic, onion, leeks etc)

  4. 4 servings of conifers (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower)

  5. Saturated Fat under 10% of calories

  6. Omega 3 Fatty Acids (nuts, beans, fish)

  7. Eat fish at least 3 times a week

  8. Use oils with healthy fats

  9. Healthy snacks twice a day

  10. No processed food or added sugars

  11. No trans fats

I found all the guidelines and recipes I am going to use online. I didn’t do a very heavy research into this diet because

  1. I have spent way too much time researching diets in my life

  2. Most people just hear about a diet from a friend or magazine and jump right in with very little information

  3. I’m lazy ;)

The recipes look like they’ll be quite tasty and most of the “rules” for this diet are quite sensible but we all know what I think about fast and hard rules around food. There’s no place for them especially if you are known to go overboard or become too rigid.

I’m doing this for the purposes of showing you what is worthwhile information and what is a big load of BS. I am not doing this for weight loss or even health purposes. If I ever feel like I’m getting into an old headspace of deprivation and restrictions I will stop right away because nobody needs that in their life.

This diet is most beneficial for Rheumatoid Arthritis and other illnesses that do better when they focus on reducing inflammation but I know a lot of people have tried this diet for weight loss or as yet another way to restrict their eating (and yes, some people thrive on this way of eating and swear by it, which is great for them.)

Breakfast: Gingerbread Oatmeal (a little dull, quite spicy)

Lunch: Last minute rice bowl (Rice, avocado, bocconcini cheese, hummus and greens)

Snack: Apple and nuts with cinnamon

Snack #2: Greek Yogurt and raspberries (so hungry!)

Snack #3: Like seriously, sooo hungry. Smoothie with rice protein powder.

Dinner: Chicken Kale Caesar Wraps (so amazing!)



I feel pretty good this morning.

Breakfast: Easy latte and gluten free crepes with raspberries

Lunch: Left over caesar wraps

Dinner: I went to the Calgary Stampede and because I’m a sane lady I fully enjoyed myself! Had pizza and fries (clearly not in the guidelines).

Lesson learned today: It’s way too hard to count grams of fibre.



Breakfast: 1 leftover gluten free crepe and an apple, coffee

Lunch: Avocado Salad

Snack: Apple and natural peanut butter

Dinner: Turkey Chilli

So hungry! The lunch today tasted amazing but wasn’t particularly filling.

If you appreciate or admire a certain way of eating (paleo, anti inflammatory etc) just aim to add more of these types of recipes into your week. Committing fully and completely to one way of eating is a set up for failure. Do you really think you’ll NEVER eat added sugar again?


Screw this.

I’m just going to add more anti inflammatory recipes to my life this week. Dang, I need to take my own advice! NEVER have added sugar or processed food? These are good things to eat less of but NEVER is a strong word.