A Life Changing Before & After

Before and after photos give me the heebie jeebies. The message they send is that thinner is better regardless of any other circumstances. If I switched the pictures above someone might say, "Wow! What diet did you do? You look amazing". 

What they don't know is EVERYTHING else about me. The expressions in these pictures say it all.


-120 lbs.

- diet crazed

- image obsessed

- stressed

- insecure 

- probably unhealthy

- my self worth changed when my weight did


- 140 lbs.

- eating intuitively

- content

- healthy


Some weight loss is helpful of course! But it is not the answer to all your problems. Thin does not always equal healthy. We really need to get over this myth. We need to include a healthy mind when we think of being a healthy person. 

 Don't believe everything you see!

 Love, Jenna