11 ways to eat healthy without obsessing

1. Add a fruit or vegetable to EVERY meal. (Pizza and salad anyone?)

2. Ask yourself if you would eat an apple right now, if not you are not truly hungry.

 3. Before you eat something 'unhealthy' ask yourself how you are feeling. Bored? Try doing something else first. Still want that cookie? Go ahead.

4. Don't eat something that is good enough, eat what you really want. Baked chips won't satisfy and then you'll just end up eating more than if you had just had the real thing to begin with! 

5. Exercise is actually an appetite suppressant. For a while after exercise people are often not hungry. A very difficult workout in the morning however may make you hungry all day so test what works for you.

6. Keep treats you cannot control yourself around out of the house. When you really want them go buy just enough for you at the store. You'd be amazed how a little inconvenience can stop you from bingeing.

 7. Eat enough at meals. If you are trying to lose weight so you eat less at meals you might just end up snacking on junk food in between. So eat a bit more if snacking is a problem for you.

 8. Make sure you are not only full at the end of a meal but also satisfied. If a bit of creamy dressing will make that salad really hit the spot then go for it. Hating your meal and then eating cookies later won't help you in the long run. 

 9. Find things you enjoy other than food. Give yourself 'rewards' at the end of the day that don't involve calories. But of course, enjoy that glass of wine when you need it too!

10. Make healthier versions of your favourite foods. I love pizzas made on tortillas with lots of veggies and a bit of cheese :) . 

11. Enjoy your favourite foods and own it. Choose to indulge and move on. Don't let it turn into a week of eating junk. 

Love, Jenna